How Optical Illusions May Trick Montgomery County Drivers Into Slowing Down

Optical Illusions BelmontSpeed-related accidents are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities around the world. While the United States has taken the usual approaches to slowing down drivers, such as more police enforcement, other countries have gotten creative with optical illusions. Take Iceland, for example.

In 2017, a small town painted special stripes on its roads that create optical illusions — three-dimensional speed bumps that would slow down cars. In reality, it is just flat paint cleverly applied to the road, but this idea could be the key to reducing speed in these intersections. It has also been used in India, and also in Vancouver, where the illusion is of a child retrieving a ball.

Montgomery County Accidents by the Numbers

Here in Montgomery County, we see a large number of car accidents each year. As part of the greater Philadelphia metro area, there is a significant amount of traffic in Montgomery County, and our congested roads leave many drivers speeding for a perceived advantage to get somewhere slightly faster. This can lead to car accidents, particularly at the ten most dangerous intersections in Montgomery County.

Pennsylvania sees its fair share of traffic accidents.

In 2016 alone, almost 11,000 people were killed in our state in a car accident.

This is far too high of a number. At Solnick & Associates, we believe that we can reduce the number of fatalities, starting right here in Montgomery County.

While none of the below intersections or roadways had accidents in 2016 involving fatalities, they were responsible for a combined 200 accidents. Of these accidents, 43 involved injuries. Creating optical illusions in our most dangerous intersections to force drivers to slow down may help to save lives and prevent injuries. As an experienced Montgomery County auto accident attorneys, we believe that it is worth a shot.

449-471 N. Gulph Road, King of Prussia

Optical Illusions N Gulph Rd

In 2016, there were 28 accidents at this intersection. 11 of these accidents involved injuries.  Applying paint in the manner pictured could bring this number down to zero — and prevent any future injuries or fatalities at this intersection.

401 Lincoln Highway, Haverford

Optical Illusions Lincoln Hwy

26 accidents occurred at this intersection in 2016, with 3 of the collisions involving injuries. A simple speed bump style paint job might be all that is necessary to get drivers to apply the brakes each and every time at this light.

548 Freeman School Road, Lower Salford Township

Optical Illusions Freeman School Rd Intersection

This rural road could benefit from the installation of an optical illusion, as drivers tend to die at a higher rate in accidents on this type of road than on highways, per mile driven. In 2016, there were 26 accidents on this road. While none involved injuries, slowing drivers down with triangle-shaped optical illusions such as these ones might prevent people from speeding down these back roads, and losing control of their cars as a result.

1316 Welsh Road, Ambler

Optical Illusions Welsh Rd

There were 24 accidents at this four-way intersection in 2016, with 3 resulting in injuries.  Painting this intersection with three-dimensional optical illusions will not only reduce traffic accidents, but it will also keep bikers and pedestrians safer as they cross to the shopping plaza.

1358-1398 Penllyn Blue Bell Pike, Blue Bell

Optical Illusions Penllyn Blue Bell Pike Intersection

Neighborhoods are a prime area for accidents, including this one. The majority of car collisions occur less than a mile from home (52%), with 77% happening within 15 miles from home. This neighborhood road saw 22 accidents in 2016, with 3 resulting in injuries. Optical illusions may not only prevent car accidents, but it may also help avoid cars striking pedestrians or kids playing.

935 Bethlehem Pike, Colmar

Optical Illusions Bethlehem

This highway may not seem dangerous, but accidents on this road resulted in high percentage of accidents involving injuries. In 2016, there were 20 accidents on this highway — and 6 resulted in injuries. Painting an optical illusion of concrete balls on the road may be enough to get drivers to slow down and avoid these crashes.

102 Alan Wood Road, Conshohocken


Optical Illusions Alan Wood Intersection

On this curvy road, there were 20 accidents, with 3 leading to injuries, in 2016 alone. Painting the road so it appears that there is a speed bump just before cars go into a curve may force cars to slow down, reducing the incidence of these accidents.

776 Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville

Optical Illusions Bethlehem Pike Intersection

In 2016, there were 20 accidents, with 3 resulting in injuries, on this stretch of the Bethlehem Pike. Another set of concrete ball optical illusions at this intersection might help drivers to come to a complete stop at the light. It can also help prevent any temptation to make it through a yellow light, or edge up into the intersection.

1-27 Belmont Avenue, Bala Cynwyd

Optical Illusions Belmont

This intersection may have had a relatively low number of accidents in 2016, at just 18, but nearly 50% of those accidents (7) led to injuries. Installing an optical illusion, such as the one pictured above, will cause drivers to slow down before the light — which can help prevent rear-end accidents, racing to get through a yellow light, and other common causes of intersection crashes.

7401-7419 Tookany Creek Parkway

Optical Illusions Tookany Creek Pkwy Intersection

In 2016, there were 18 accidents on this road, with 4 leading to injuries. This winding road could benefit from a simple application of a three-dimensional painting that will make it appear that it has speed bumps, slowing down every driver on the road.

How Optical Illusions May Be the Key to Safer Roadways

While each driver has to make the individual choice to slow down, using tricks such as these optical illusions can help many drivers reduce their speed — particularly in places where we know that most dangerous accidents happen.

Auto accidents can often lead to significant injuries, resulting in large medical bills, loss of income, and other damages. In many cases, another person is at fault for the collision. An experienced Montgomery County auto accident attorney can help an injured person recover for his or her losses.

At Solnick & Associates, we are dedicated to helping people who have been hurt in all types of accidents, including car crashes. Our Montgomery County auto accident attorneys offer free initial consultations, where we can help you determine if you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.