The Most Dangerous Occupations

If you have an occupation that falls within the farming or construction industries, it probably comes as no surprise to you that the two industries regularly rank as America’s most dangerous jobs. Your friends who work in other industries are fortunate because they have a lower risk of being injured or killed than you do […]

When Evidence is Not Submitted in a Timely Manner

  The original allegation in 2009 was that Cabot Oil Gas contaminated their well water supplies with methane while the company was drilling Marcellus Shale. While Cabot already settled with the other 40 plaintiffs in 2012, the two couples who rejected the offer awaited their chance to present their case. It took six years for […]

Serious Concussions Can Result in Disease Similar to Alzheimer’s

Only those who have loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s can truly understand how debilitating the disease can be. That was, until Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) was introduced as a relatively new diagnosis – the result of repetitive or undiagnosed concussions. Both are progressive diseases of the brain, degenerative, and have similar symptoms, but CTE cannot […]