Hotel Negligencia

Desafortunadamente, los accidentes hoteleros son muy comunes, especialmente en una gran ciudad como Filadelfia. Por ejemplo, a principios de este mes, una mujer gravemente herida después de caer cerca de una piscina en el Marriott Residence Inn en Filadelfia decidió demandar al hotel por negligencia. Específicamente, hace dos años, el pie de Catherine Gardner cayó […]

Staying Safe on the Roads This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! That means everyone’s favorite things: eating, traveling, shopping, visiting family, and keeping up with all of your other traditions. However, all of these things mean more time on the road for most Americans. In fact, AAA estimates that there are around 50,000,000 drivers in the United States who will travel at […]

Philadelphia Adopts Vision Zero Action Plan

Driving. It’s amazing. We drive to work, to the store, to the movies, to landmarks, and to many other amazing destinations. So many of us do it every single day, yet few of us think about the actual dangers involved in driving. Although many people are afraid to fly, not many are afraid to drive, […]

Stay Safe During Halloween Season

There’s nothing quite like Pennsylvania during Halloween season. Between the decorations, the movies, the parties, and the trick-or-treating, nearly everyone gets to play a part and have fun during the Halloween season. Halloween Season Poses Safety Risks Unfortunately, certain risks come along with Halloween. There are more pedestrians on the road, kids are out running […]