Winter Wounds: Premises Liability and Storm Season

Woman Slipped And Injured Back On Icy StreetNews reports of what was supposed to be our first “big” winter storm came and went without much ado here in Jenkintown. But winter isn’t over yet. With winter comes snow. And with snow comes the increased possibility of car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slipping and falling onto the hard payment after snowfall and ice forms.

Premises Liability

Storekeepers, restaurant owners, and building maintenance crews have a responsibility to keep you reasonably safe when you arrive as a patron or customer at their establishment. This includes not just the areas inside, but also the areas within the place’s immediate control in the front of their store or restaurant. You may see shopkeepers feverishly shoveling snow or placing warning signs about fall risks—they do this as part of their duty to provide reasonably safe conditions for their patrons. In a big city you might also see warning signs for falling ice—presumably meaning they have put you on notice and it is now your responsibility to stay out of danger (which is not necessarily the case).

This is even more prevalent once you walk inside a store or restaurant. Consider the “wet floor” warning signs, or signs providing caution for upcoming stairs or blind corners that might be difficult to see. These signs are designed to alert you to conditions you may be unaware of when walking in. A sign is not always sufficient, though, and if you are injured on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Shopkeepers have a heightened responsibility to a person who visits their premises. Since shopkeepers are in the business of inviting the general public into their establishment, they have a continuing duty to keep their patrons safe. This requires store owners to conduct inspections throughout the day to ensure things are in general working order, there are no spills, or piles of ice by the doorway that people may trip over. Shopkeepers are held to a very high standard of care and a breach of that care may entitle you to bring a premises liability action against them for their oversight.

Jenkintown Premises Liability Attorneys

Warning signs do not mean that you will necessarily be held responsible if you are injured as a result of a dangerous condition on another’s property. Premises liability lawsuits are designed to protect the vulnerable public from accidents or injuries that occur due to the negligence of another on their property. These responsibilities are heightened in times such as winter, where there are additional factors and conditions that may make a shop or storefront more dangerous to customers. If you have been injured on the property of another, our experienced premises liability attorneys at our Jenkintown-based law office can help you understand your legal rights in a situation such as this. Contact Solnick & Associates, LLC and let us help you get back on your feet today, and hold those responsible accountable for your injuries.