Wilmington Pretzel Factory Work Injury Reminder of Need for Quick Support


When thinking about workplace safety, some assume that all of the major problems are fixed. After all, it has been a century since we have had seven-day workweeks and employers who treated their employers like disposable cattle. All of the hard-fought labor rights battles over the years were supposed to ensure that all workers were treated fairly.

While workplaces are certainly far different today than they were at the height of the Industrial Revolution, it is important to remember that work injuries and accidents continue to strike on a near daily basis. Our area is no exception.

For example, not long ago, an incident occurred at a Wilmington factory. According to reports, a female worker at the Philly Pretzel Factory faced a harrowing incident when she became caught in nearby machinery. While making dough, the employee’s hand was jammed into a nearby conveyor belt. The woman was unable to extricate herself from the machine, and emergency crews were needed to finally free her hand. She was brought to a local hospital with injuries, but fortunately she is expected to make a full recovery.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation in Pennsylvania

As the pretzel factory accident reminds, the risk of being hurt at work is ever-present. In fact, the entire concept behind the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system is premised on the understanding that work injuries are common. The basic idea is that, considering the frequency of work accidents, a system is needed to streamline compensation for those affected.

The first question asked by those hurt in a work accident is usually, “what benefits can I receive to help in my recovery?”

Under Pennsylvania law, various benefits may be recovered, including:

  • Medical Support – Many workers are due payment of all medical expenses related to the work accident. This includes emergency care, such as a surgery or hospital stay. It also may cover all of the ancillary medical costs, including medication, rehabilitation services, and more. There are various complexities related to this compensation, so it is important to speak with a professional to learn more about your specific case.

  • Lost Wages – If your injury causes you to miss work, or even cut back on hours, then you may be able to receive various levels of disability support to cover your missing wages.

  • “Specific Loss” Benefits – In unique cases, such as when you are permanently disabled or disfigured (i.e. hearing loss or lost thumb), then there may be a set benefit payment to compensate for the damage.

  • Death Benefits – If a work injury results in death, then the workers’ compensation law provides benefits to surviving dependents to help with their support needs.

Philadelphia Work Injury Recovery

Far too many local families have their lives turned upside down as a result of mishaps at work. It is not uncommon for an injury to result in significant medical bills, require extensive rehabilitation, and week, months, or even years of lost wages. Considering the steep costs, Pennsylvania residents harmed in this way must ensure that their rights are respected and that they receive support to aid in recovery. Contact the workers’ compensation legal team at Solnick & Associates to learn more about your options and to see how we can help.
Photo Credit: oskay via Compfight cc