What to Do Immediately After a Bike Accident

bicycleMany people are familiar with what should be done after a car accident, but what about a bike collision? Similar to car accidents, it is important to react intelligently in case you need to recover damages to address any injuries. Consumer Reports has prepared a list of steps that should be taken if you have been in a bike accident, some of those including:

Make Sure You are Out of Danger & Call the Police

After a bicycle accident, get out of the way of cars, other bikes, and pedestrians to ensure that, as you are collecting all of the necessary information, you are also safe from being the victim of any additional accidents.

Filing a police report is key in order to facilitate gathering any and all information that you may need for a relevant claim, particularly given that cyclists may sometimes not realize that they are hurt right away.

Get Contact Information

Similar to a car accident, you will want to obtain all of the relevant information about the person you have just been in an accident with:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Driver’s license number (if applicable)
  • Contact information for any witnesses who saw the accident

If you are too injured to collect this information, ask one of these witnesses to collect it on your behalf.

Take Pictures

If you have a camera-ready phone, take pictures of any and all relevant evidence regarding the scene of the accident. This includes your bike and injuries.

Avoid Making Statements

You will want to avoid making any definitive statements that indicate you were at fault, as well as negotiating with the driver or their insurance company (many cyclists do not realize that even if one party was driving a car and the other a bike, the auto insurance company covering the car will be involved).

See a Doctor

Many cyclists do not realize that they are injured after an accident until time has passed – possibly a few hours or even a few days. Regardless, it is important to get a physical exam after an accident to ensure that any hidden injuries (such as a concussion) are thoroughly vetted. Some common types of injuries that result from bike accidents include head fractures, broken limbs, and spinal cord injuries and are all very serious.

Do Not Repair Your Bike

It is important that you wait until any related claims are resolved before you repair your bike in case you need to preserve relevant evidence.

Philadelphia Accident Attorneys

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