Unsafe Philadelphia Establishments Pose Harm to Patrons

Have you ever shopped in Philadelphia at night, when the moon is bright overhead and the city streets are still hustling and bustling with evening traffic? Have you ever gone to a movie theater in Philly at night? Have you been to a Philadelphia restaurant in the evening hours? If you are like any other resident in Philadelphia, the answer to these questions is probably yes. However, most people do not consider the possibility that security in these establishments might be lacking.

When security is not top-notch, lack of safety puts patrons at risk. If a patron happens to suffer a personal injury because an establishment, whether a restaurant, a movie theater, or a shopping mall is situated in a location that is insecure, he or she may have the right to take legal action against that establishment.

Inside of the Establishment

At venues that typically have crowded areas, control is necessary to ensure that the crowds do not get rowdy and that nobody gets hurt. Security professionals could assess the interior of an establishment and point out potential safety hazards that exist on the premises to the owner. Whether or not he or she employs this type of advice, an owner is liable for safety issues that he or she is not aware of, simply because they exist inside of the establishment.

Outside of the Establishment

Parking lots can pose huge safety risks. Even though they are located outside of these establishments, owners of the establishments are still liable for their patrons’ safety while in the parking lots and any incidents that occur. Proper lighting should be installed and video surveillance could deter muggers and other perpetrators from harming unsuspecting people. However, if there is no security in the parking lot, a patron could be seriously injured during a mugging or other harmful encounter.

Who is the Injured Party?

According to Pennsylvania premises liability laws, there are types of people who are excluded from the right to sue if they are injured on another person’s property. The law says that if the injured person is a trespasser, then he or she should not be entitled to compensation for any injuries incurred on the premises because he or she was not supposed to be on the premises at all. However, this is usually not the case. In most cases, the injured party does have the right to sue for any injuries.
If you have been injured on the premises of any establishment, you may have legal options to consider. Someone needs to be held liable for what you have been through. Pennsylvania premises liability law says that property and store owners can often be held liable for injuries that you have suffered. It was their responsibility to ensure that you were completely safe while you were on their property. Now, you have injuries that cause you pain and suffering, medical bills that are piling up, and the stress of the injuries that most likely affect your everyday life. Contact Solnick & Associates, LLC today at (215) 512-0039 or toll free at (877) 415-6495 for a free evaluation of your case today.


(image courtesy of Redd Angelo)