Understanding the Complex SEPTA Laws

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is a regional municipal authority that operates public transportation for millions of people in Philadelphia. SEPTA is a part of daily life in Pennsylvania, but most do not think about the organization until an accident occurs. SEPTA accidents are very unfortunate and can cause great pain, but under the laws, these accidents may be compensable.

When you are injured due to the negligence of SEPTA, your injuries can be compensable. The injured may file a lawsuit against SEPTA due to its vehicles or stations.

Injuries caused by SEPTA vehicles include subways, commuter trains, light rail trolleys, electric trolleys, and buses. In order to prove SEPTA liability and receive compensation, the vehicle must have been moving at the time of the injury. If you are pushed into a SEPTA bus, the claim lies with the source of the push. If you walk off a SEPTA bus and get hit by a car, the claim lies with the driver of the car. There is no valid SEPTA claim in cases where a SEPTA vehicle is stationary.

If you are hit by a moving SEPTA vehicle or injured while riding in a moving SEPTA vehicle, you may have a valid claim against SEPTA. If it can be proven that SEPTA was negligent, meaning it breached its duty and the breach caused your injury, SEPTA will likely be liable for your injuries. Proving all the elements of negligence can be difficult, especially if you potentially had some negligence too. A qualified attorney can help you build a successful negligence case and ensure a just recovery.

There is a different standard for injuries that occur on SEPTA station premises. If there is a defective condition on SEPTA property, you may seek compensation for your injuries. Traditional slip and fall cases like tripping over a mop bucket, cannot be brought against SEPTA. There has to be a demonstrated physical defect in the property, such as an unattended spill, broken step in a train station, uneven flooring in a subway station, loose railing, or some other dangerous condition caused by SEPTA.

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