Street Racing in Philadelphia – A Dangerous Pastime

Police in Los Angeles believe that Popular Culture and Social Media are fueling the rise in illegal street racing, which we’re also seeing here in Philadelphia. In fact, several Philadelphia residents recently died in a street racing crash, which is why we believe it’s important to raise awareness around it’s dangers.

March 27, 2016 – Driver Strikes Pole and Overturnstreet racing car in an accident- call a lawyers Car

NBC 10 Philadelphia states that on March 27, 2016 around 1:30 am, near the intersection of Sandmeyer Lane and Red Lion Road in Bustleton a driver struck a pole and then overturned the vehicle. Crews had to rescue the motorist from the vehicle. Oddly enough, this crash occurred just a few feet away from the site of the July 29, 2015 deadly street racing collision that killed three people.

According to police, in this most recent incident, the driver lost control of the vehicle and although he or she was briefly trapped in the automobile, first responders were able to assist the driver in exiting the vehicle. He or she was then taken to a hospital to receive treatment for minor injuries.

July 29, 2015 – Three Young Philadelphians Lose Their Lives Drag Racing

NBC 10 Philadelphia reports that Yvette Gonzalez,17, Sabrina Rhoads, 17, and Felip Hernandez, 20, died around 11:40 pm when the 2007 Acura that they were riding in suddenly went airborne and slammed into a tree. The car hit it so hard that the tree split it in half.

According to Captain John Wilczynski of the Police Accident Investigation Division, Christopher Bloomfield, 20, was driving, when he lost control of the vehicle as he approached a curve. The car went airborne and plowed into the tree. Police believe that Bloomfield was driving at least three times the legal speed limit.

Bloomfield fled the scene of the accident, and arrived at the medical center some time later wearing blood drenched clothing, at that time he was questioned by police. Although Bloomfield was receiving treatment at the medical center, his injuries were not life-threatening.

Police report that Gonzalez and Rhoads were thrown from the vehicle; Both girls as well as Hernandez passed away on site. Another passenger, Bagdon Arutyunov,17, was also ejected from the car; He sustained severe head injuries.

February 23, 2016 – Driver Involved in July’s Fatal Drag Race Surrenders

ABC 6 Action News WPVI News Philadelphia reports that police were looking for the driver of the other vehicle involved in July’s fatal street racing crash for some time. This second vehicle was visible in the video surveillance captured by a local businesses’ camera on the night that Bloomfield’s Acura slammed into a tree. Finally, more than six months after the tragic event, Ryan Farrell, 20, surrenders to police. He faces numerous charges related to the street racing accident in July. These charges include Homicide by Vehicle, Accident Involving death, Involuntary Manslaughter and Aggravated Assault by Vehicle.

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Photo via Flickr by Spanish Coches