Status Quo on Speeding-Related Accident Fatalities Is Disturbing

Last year, federal highway safety regulators announced record lows in auto accident fatality rates across the country.  The number of such fatalities has been declining for years.  Much of the decline is due to the fact that there are fewer drunk driving-related fatalities now.

However, one fact has changed little through the years – approximately 1/3rd of all auto accident fatalities are caused by speeding drivers.  According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, there has been no difference in the fatality rates linked to speeding, in spite of the fact that we now have safer automobiles and stricter enforcement.

Speeding is the biggest killer on American roads.  With all the attention on distracted driving these days, it’s easy to forget that more people are killed in accidents caused by speeding drivers than any other motorists, including impaired drivers.  Approximately 30% of all accident fatalities are caused by people driving at excessive speeds.

The Governors Highway Safety Association speculates that the reason why we have not made much progress in eliminating the number of accidents caused by speeding, is because we have stopped considering speeding a major highway safety threat.   The public consciousness is now bombarded by warnings of a number of other accident threats that include distracted driving, and, as a result, speeding has been neglected as a factor in causing accidents.  The threat from cell phones while driving is very real, but the fact is that speeding kills more people every year.

Philadelphia car accident lawyers also find that there is greater public acceptance of speeding. Most drivers would balk at the thought of driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, but have, at some point, operated a vehicle at excessive speeds.  That includes not just driving beyond posted speeds, but also driving at a speed that is not appropriate for weather and traffic conditions.