Focus on School Zone Safety in Pittsburgh

Police officers in Pittsburgh are continuing with their new school children safety initiative, now that classes have begun, and more children can be expected around school zones.  The Back-To-School Highway Safety Initiative aims at keeping motorists and students safe when they’re around a school zone.

The Back-To-School Highway Safety Initiative is mainly focused on making sure that drivers stick to speed limits when they’re in a school zone.  In Pittsburgh, there is a 15 mph speed limit around city schools, and many motorists unfortunately, violate these speed limits.  The Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Traffic Officers has conducted at least 120 traffic stops since the start of the school year, and has issued as many as 126 citations for motorists caught speeding inside a school zone.

The Pittsburgh police also found other violations that greatly endanger student safety.  For instance, they have cited as many as a dozen people for passing school buses, while the bus was parked with red lights flashing.

The 10 feet in front of, behind and at the sides of the bus are extremely dangerous for schoolchildren, who may be alighting or getting off the bus.  That’s the reason why motorists are required to stop when they see a stopped school bus with red lights flashing.  Failure to do so can place children at risk of an accident.

Pittsburgh police are also reminding motorists to stay alert, and watch out for schoolchildren all the time.  Switch off all distractions, and obey traffic safety laws that apply when you’re traveling through a school zone or around a school bus.  Violators of school bus safety laws could face a $250 penalty, as well as a 60-day suspension of their license.