Philadelphia Employers Must Take Steps to Prevent Workplace Injuries

With the huge advances that have been made in workplace safety and accident prevention, it would seem to Philadelphia Workers’ compensation attorneys that employers would be able to prevent the majority of injuries to the most delicate organ in the human body – the eye.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Every year, approximately 2,000 Americans suffer eye -related injuries in the workplace.  According to data by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, approximately 70% of all eye injuries are caused when the individual comes into contact with an object.  Most of the remaining injuries are caused due to exposure to harmful substances and toxic materials in the workplace.  Approximately, 26% of all injuries are the result of such exposure.  Additionally, a worker may also suffer injuries when he is working with welding torches, and other equipment.

The risk of eye injuries exists, no matter what kind of job the worker is performing.  That’s why it’s important that employers provide workers the right kind of eye goggles, face masks, welding helmets, respirators, prescription/nonprescription glasses as well as other safety equipment necessary to prevent these injuries.

This March, Prevent Blindness America marked Workplace Eye Wellness Month to raise awareness about the need for prevention of eye injuries in the workplace.  The group estimates that approximately 90% of all eye injuries are entirely preventable.

Most eye injuries can be prevented if employers educate workers about the high risk of such injuries in the workplace.  Workers may not understand that they must use eye protection when they work with chemicals, or with tools like welding torches or nail guns.

Eye protection gear must be well fitting to prevent eye injuries.  It’s not only important to wear safety gear, but also to maintain it properly.  Philadelphia employers must also establish and develop a comprehensive eye protection program in the workplace.