New Pennsylvania Law to Help Reduce Highway Worker Accidents

A new law that has just gone into effect is aimed at reducing the risks to motorists from drivers who violate a blocked off highway or road.

Act 114, which was signed on July 5 by Gov. Tom Corbett, prevents drivers from traveling through or around signs or devices that have been posted around a highway or a highway that is closed to traffic for any reason.  Motorists, who ignore a traffic control device that has been placed to warn motorists about hazardous weather conditions, are included under the new law.  Drivers who are found violating the new rule can be severely penalized.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently announced the new rule. A driver, who ignores traffic control signs that have been placed to warn the motoring public about hazardous conditions, could be risking not only his own life but also  putting the lives of construction workers and other motorists at risk.  The rule is meant to encourage motorists to obey traffic control signs and devices.

A motorist who drives through a highway work zone in violation of the warning signs posted at the entrance of the zone, or ignores devices meant to block off access to a highway because of dangerous conditions, may be fined up to $200.  These motorists will also have at least 2 points added to their driving record.

If the violation causes an accident of any kind, or results in emergency rescue personnel being called to the scene, then the driver will be fined between $250 and $500.  Further, violators will also be required to repay the costs involved in getting emergency personnel to the scene.