Pennsylvania Drivers Take Warning

Commercial trucks traveling from the northeastern states of the U.S. to practically anywhere in the central or western parts of the U.S. will most likely travel through Pennsylvania. That means that anyone else traveling on Pennsylvania roads needs to remain mindful of cross-country commuter trucks and drive safely when maneuvering their vehicles near them. If a truck accident were to occur, the results could be devastating, as truck accidents typically leave victims with severe injuries and totaled vehicles.

Deadly Truck Accident

About two years ago, a truck collision occurred that demonstrates why we put out warnings like these. On a Montgomery County road, a tanker truck that was transporting raw sewage and a tractor-trailer truck that was transporting Aquabeads 519, a white powder and smoothing agent that is used in makeup, collided head-on in a deadly accident. In Audubon, South Park Avenue near Crawford Road was closed down after the collision, which turned into an explosive wreck when the trucks involved burst into flames.

Truck Driver Lost Life

According to police and witnesses, the cab of the semi-truck that was carrying the Aquabeads 519 powder separated from its trailer and then the trailer slammed into the truck carrying the raw sewage. The tanker truck cab was damaged so badly, that the driver could not escape the wreck. He was trapped in the flames and died on the scene. Fortunately for the semi-truck driver, he was able to escape the wreck without any injuries.

No other cars were involved in this truck collision, but imagine what else could have happened. Imagine how many passenger cars could have been involved and how many other people could have died, had the disconnected trailer of the semi-truck slammed into a line of passenger cars.

Amish Die in Truck Crash

Three members of the Pennsylvania Amish community died in a truck accident back in November of 2014. The van that they were riding in pulled out into the path of a cement truck. Two of the casualties were a pregnant woman and her unborn child. Elizabeth Esh delivered her stillborn baby boy after the accident and then passed away a day later. The two other casualties were related to Esh by marriage.

If you or someone you love was injured in a truck accident in Pennsylvania, you should contact an experienced Pennsylvania truck accident attorney to handle your case. There are so many factors involved, including the possibility of the involvement of multiple truck companies and insurance companies, that it is difficult for victims to know how to effectively handle their claim to ensure the highest maximum compensation for their injuries. At Solnick & Associates, LLC, we know how to tackle trucking companies and their insurance companies to get you the highest compensation for your injuries. Call (215) 415-0039 to talk one of our truck accident attorneys today.