Pennsylvania Drivers at Risk of Deer Collisions

As residents of the state with some of the highest numbers of deer-auto collisions in the United States, most Pennsylvania drivers know how to avoid an accident when one of these animals crosses their path.  However, the state has seen a slight decline in deer- related accidents.

According to a new study by State Farm, Pennsylvania dropped from number 4 to number 5 on a list of the states that are most likely to have deer-related car accidents.  The number of deer-related car accidents in the United States has increased by 7.7% over the past year.  Over the previous 3 years, these accident rates had actually dropped by 2.2%.  State Farm estimates that there were 1.23 million accidents involving deer between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2001.

In Pennsylvania, the projected number of deer- car accidents during the study period was 115,571 accidents out of a total of 8,737,162 licensed motorists.  That places Pennsylvania at number 5, a drop of one position from its position last year.

The state with the highest number of deer-related accidents is West Virginia, which had 30,203 projected accidents during this time, out of a total of 1,206,026 licensed motorists in the state.  In West Virginia, a motorist’s chances of being involved in an accident with a deer stand at one in 14.

The state with the least number of deer-accidents remains Hawaii, where the likelihood of a person being involved in an accident that involves a deer, is just one in 6801.  In fact, a motorist in Hawaii is just as likely to be involved in an accident with a deer, as he is of being hit with lightning during his lifetime.