Pennsylvania Ambulance Company Sued for Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is difficult enough to deal with, but just imagine knowing that your loved one died due to the negligence of an ambulance company. Julianne M. Boynosky filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Pennsylvania Ambulance LLC last year, alleging that the employees of the Dunham Avenue ambulance company stopped resuscitation efforts on her husband prematurely. The family claims that if the ambulance company continued efforts to resuscitate 62-year-old Garrett A. Boynosky, he might still be alive today.

The Ambulance Incident

On January 25, 2016, the Lackawanna County Court lawsuit states that 62-year-old Garrett Boynosky was found in the basement of the couple’s home, unresponsive, at about 7:13 p.m. The two Old Forge officers who arrived on the scene first began chest compressions in an effort to resuscitate Mr. Boynosky. When two employees arrived on the scene from Pennsylvania Ambulance, they directed the officers to stop resuscitation attempts. The officers complied.

The family members begged the ambulance employees to continue resuscitation efforts, but they stated that Mr. Boynosky was dead and would not continue cardiopulmonary resuscitation. When the second unit from Pennsylvania Ambulance arrived on the scene at 7:25 p.m, that crew resumed chest compressions. Mr. Boynosky’s heartbeat was restored and he was brought to a hospital, where he later died on January 28th.

The Allegations

The lawsuit alleges that Pennsylvania Ambulance failed to properly train their employees to assess patients, and, therefore, the company is grossly negligent. According to the lawsuit, the family is seeking damages on five counts, including negligent infliction of emotional distress and wrongful death. Pennsylvania Ambulance denies any responsibility for Garrett Boynosky’s death and disputes the delay and length of resuscitation efforts.

The Autopsy

According to the autopsy, Garrett Boynosky suffered a sudden cardiac arrhythmia. His death was the result of congestive heart failure. Whether or not the ambulance company is responsible for his death by not continuing resuscitation efforts is up to the courts and a jury now.

The Trial

Was the delay between the two resuscitation efforts the ultimate reason for Garrett Boynosky’s death? The case will be heard before Judge Margaret Bisignani Moyle and the jury was selected already. The family of Mr. Boynosky will most likely bring witnesses to court to testify that the delay was, in fact, the reason that he died. On the opposing side, the attorneys for Pennsylvania Ambulance LLC will also most likely bring expert witnesses to dispute that, as well as argue that the timing of the arrivals was documented in the lawsuit incorrectly.

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