One Person Injured in Philadelphia Scaffolding Accident

One person was reported injured in a scaffolding accident last week in Philadelphia.  According to police, the accident occurred when a scaffolding lift fell on a house at the 19th and Mountain Street intersection over the weekend.

Scaffolding accidents are some of the most frequent accidents on a construction site.  These accidents also typically end in severe injuries or fatalities.  Many times, these accidents involve a scaffolding collapse.  Unfortunately, such accidents are much more common than people realize.  Shoddy design and construction standards can lead to unstable and weak scaffolding that is prone to collapse.  Workers standing on the scaffolding are at risk of serious injury in such collapses.

It is not just workers who are at risk of injuries in a scaffolding collapse.  Sometimes, the scaffolding is constructed over sidewalks, which means that pedestrians are at a high risk of injuries during a collapse.  Scaffolding can also collapse on traffic, injuring motor vehicle occupants.  Additionally, workers can also fall off scaffolding because of lack of guardrails and other protective aids.

Workers who have been injured in a scaffolding accident may have more than one avenue for compensation.  The most basic of these compensation avenues is through the employer’s Workers Insurance coverage.  However, in cases where the injuries have occurred because of the negligence of a third-party, workers may have more than one option for compensation.

In such cases, a Philadelphia construction accident lawyer may file a personal injury claim against the negligent third-party.  Such third parties include the premises owners, contracting companies, construction companies as well as supervisors on the site where the accident occurred.