What's Causing Neck and Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

What’s Causing Neck and Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

What's Causing Neck and Lower Back Pain After a Car Accident?

On an average day in Pennsylvania, there are 15 motor vehicle accidents every hour. Through those accidents, 3 people are killed, and an additional 221 people are injured. These types of accidents are so common that in Pennsylvania, 1 out of every 159 people was injured in a car crash in 2017 alone.

Even relatively minor traffic accidents can cause serious injuries. This includes neck and lower back pain that may be harder to detect, but can lead to lifelong complications. Back strain, lower spine pain and neck injuries may not be immediately apparent after a car accident, but can have a significant impact on an individual’s life.

As a Philadelphia car accident attorney can explain, there are numerous injuries that can result in neck and lower back pain after a car accident. One of the most common causes — whiplash — often occurs in rear-end accidents. Whatever the cause may be, if you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

The Risk of Neck and Back Injuries In Car Accidents

Car crashes often involve sudden force — the slamming of one vehicle into another. The neck and back are critical to the function of our bodies, and can be sensitive to the type of force that is often seen in these collisions.

As a car slams into an object, or something hits into a vehicle, the impact of that force causes everything in the vehicle to move in the direction of that hit. This includes the bodies of drivers and passengers in the vehicle. Seatbelts, dashboards, and other objects will eventually stop that motion — which can result in significant pressure on the neck and back.

Neck and back injuries often result from car accidents because of the type of force generated by crashes, and the delicate nature of these systems. These injuries can be incredibly debilitating, and may take a significant amount of time to recover from, including extensive medical treatment.

Common Neck and Back Injuries in Philadelphia Car Crashes

A motor vehicle accident can often lead to damage to the neck and lower back. For many people, even if they don’t immediately feel pain after a collision, they may start to feel symptoms in the days, weeks and months after a crash. That is why it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after you are involved in an accident.

Some of the more common types of neck and lower back injuries that a person may suffer in a car accident include:

  • Whiplash: this type of injury involves a violent jerking of the neck from a sudden change in momentum, usually caused by a driver hitting another vehicle from behind. This causes soft tissue damage to the muscles and ligaments of the neck.
  • Fractures: a severe impact can lead to fractures throughout the body, including in the neck and spine. These types of injuries are often fatal, but victims may survive and develop long-term medical problems, including chronic neck and lower back pain.
  • Spinal cord injuries: the spinal cord, which is the thick bundle of nerves that extends from the brain through the spinal column, allows the brain to control all of the body’s conscious and unconscious processes. Damage to the spinal cord can have lifelong effects.
  • Soft tissue injuries: damage to the soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments or tendons, can cause severe pain, require surgical correction or intensive treatment, and may result in permanent limited mobility.

These injuries — and others — can use neck and lower back pain. If they were caused by the negligence of a third party, then the victim may be entitled to compensation for their losses, including both present and future medical expenses.

Work with a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney

Neck and lower back pain can make it difficult to go about your daily life. Even tasks as simple as cooking dinner or cleaning up around the house can be challenging when you are struggling with a neck or back injury. That is why it is so important that you get the compensation that you deserve for your damages.

In many cases, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will claim that your neck or lower back pain was pre-existing or that the accident was not the true cause of your injuries. Having an aggressive advocate to fight for your rights can help to ensure that you get the money that you need to move forward after an accident. An experienced Philadelphia car accident attorney can work with you to help you file a claim and hold the other driver responsible for their negligence.

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