Motorists Need to Be Extra Cautious to Prevent School Bus Accidents

With school season underway, Pennsylvania transportation safety agencies are once again focusing on educating motorists about the need to be extra careful when they’re driving around school buses.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is asking all drivers to remain vigilant, and look out for students who are now using school buses.

Many of the accidents in Pennsylvania that involve school buses every year occur when children are alighting or getting on to a school bus.  Motorists, who simply speed by a stopped school bus, increase the risk of an accident for children around a bus.

Under Pennsylvania law, motorists who are approaching a school bus are required to stop at least 10 feet away from the bus.  If you notice a bus with red lights flashing, you are required to stop at least 10 feet away, and wait until the students have finished alighting, or getting on to the bus before you move ahead.  This rule may not apply when you come across a school bus that is stopped on the opposite side of a highway, with a divider separating you from the bus.  However, in such cases too, motorists are required to look out for students who may be trying to cross the road.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is also asking motorists to look out for more school children on the road.  Many school children in Pennsylvania choose to bicycle or walk to school, and it’s very important that motorists understand that they are likely to come across more numbers of school children on the road now.  Drop speeds as you drive through a school zone, and look out for child pedestrians near crosswalks