I Was in a Hit and Run Accident, What Should I Do Now?

A hit and run accident occurs when the driver of a vehicle strikes someone and does not stop to exchange information so the matter can be resolved lawfully. Hit and run criminals flee the scene in the hopes that they will not be caught and have to compensate the victim, or because they may be driving without insurance or they may have a warrant out for their arrest.

Hit and run accidents are unfortunately not entirely uncommon in Philadelphia. Just recently, an eight-year-old boy was injured in a hit and run accident in West Philadelphia. A car struck the boy a little before 9:00pm on North Hobart Street.

The boy was badly injured and taken to the hospital where he was in critical, but stable condition.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing a 2001 silver Buick Park Avenue with a cracked windshield flee the scene following the accident. Police later located the vehicle.

If you ever fall victim to a hit and run accident, do not follow the driver. The driver could be dangerous and should not be approached without law enforcement. Immediately call 911 and file a report. Give the police descriptive details about the vehicle, the driver, and the accident scene. Take pictures of the accident scene.

This tragic incident in West Philadelphia was only one of many hit and run cases that caused severe injury in Philadelphia this year. In this case, the vehicle was eventually located which will hopefully lead the police to the perpetrator. This is not always the case. Hit and run accidents tend to leave victims without anyone to collect damages from for their injuries or property damage.

However, as a hit and run accident victim, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries and damages. Contact an attorney immediately who can help investigate the case and determine the proper party to bring a case against.

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