Five People Injured in Philadelphia SEPTA Accident

Police investigating an accident involving an SUV and a SEPTA bus in Philadelphia, are blaming the driver of the SUV.  According to witnesses, the bus driver had the right-of-way at the time of the accident which occurred last week.

According to witnesses, the SUV ran a red light just before the accident.  Upon impact, the bus veered out of control, causing it to crash into a tree and several other cars.  Five people were injured in the accident, and fortunately, none of their injuries are believed to be life-threatening.  The accident also resulted in property damage to several cars.

Thousands of people use buses operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority every day.  These people rely on the buses to take them to work, and bring them back home safely.  Approximately 4.5 million people in the metro Philadelphia area use SEPTA buses.  The number of people using SEPTA buses has increased during the recession, because of an increase in the number of people looking for cheaper transportation options.

Most of the accidents that Philadelphia SEPTA bus accident lawyers come across occur as a result of bus driver errors, unskilled or untrained drivers or malfunctioning buses.  However, these accidents also sometimes occur because of the negligence of motorists.

If you have been injured in a bus accident, your first step should be to get yourself medical treatment as quickly as possible.  Obtain the contact information of witnesses present at the scene, and note down details of the accident if you’re able to.

Filing a bus accident claim can be a complex procedure, because transportation companies in Philadelphia have some amount of immunity from civil lawsuits.  Your Philadelphia bus accident lawyer should be able to identify the parties that are responsible for your injuries, and name these entities in a claim.