Parental Examples, Contracts Can Help Reduce Teen Driver Accident Numbers

A new ranking by Erie Insurance shows that Pennsylvania has a much higher teen driver accident fatality rate, compared to the national rate.

The ranking placed Pennsylvania at number 29.  Pennsylvania had a teenage driver fatality rate of 16.1 fatalities per 100,000 drivers, in accidents where there was a teenage motorist behind the wheel.  The national rate is 11 deaths per 100,000 motorists.

Those are disturbing statistics, and Pennsylvania transportation safety agencies must investigate what more can be done to reduce the number of teenage drivers involved in fatal accidents. Parents in Pennsylvania should be focusing harder on setting an example for their children, and outlining all their expectations from their teenage children as part of a parent –teen driving contract

Statistics show that parental example can play a big role in reducing the number of teenage driver-related accidents.  According to a recent study, approximately half of all teenage drivers had observed their parents displaying very poor driving practices, like speeding and talking on the cell phone while driving.  Your child is much more likely to imitate your behavior, even when it is undesirable behavior.

Set good driving examples by switching off your cell phone, never driving under the influence, and staying within the posted speed limits.  Always wear your seatbelt while driving, and encourage everyone else in your car to do so too.  These practices can be picked up by a teenage driver, helping keep your child safe.

Parents can also draw up a parent-child driving contract that clearly lays out the rules and conditions for your child’s use of his car.  Add penalties for any violations and rewards if your child complies with all the rules.


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