Electrocution While on the Construction Site

Few of us ever think about electrocution as a threat. However, people who work at construction sites are often subjected to the threat of potential electrocution from any number of sources including faulty electrical wiring, unprotected wiring or faulty equipment.

Electrical hazards are numerous

While electrocution is not as common as other construction site accidents, there are as many as 400 deaths related to electrocution on construction sites annually. Not every victim of an electrical accident succumbs to their injuries but may still suffer long-term problems as a result of an electrical accident.

Common electrical accidents

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that there are four specific types of electrical accidents which occur most commonly on construction sites. They are burns, shock, falls caused by shock and fatal electrocutions. While “shocks” may sound minor, they can cause significant health problems since they may cause damage to internal tissues and organs.

Electrocution causes

Electrocution injuries are the most serious and can impact electrical workers, construction laborers, carpenters, roofers and others who are doing work at a construction site. More than one half of electrocution injuries are caused by faulty electrical wiring or equipment while less than five percent are caused by faulty machinery. Standing water at a construction site opens the possibility of a worker being electrocuted when extension cords touch the water while workers are operating power equipment.

Employer role in accidents

At a construction site, the supervisor has an obligation to ensure that rain and melted snow are thoroughly dried to reduce the potential of an electrocution accident. In addition, proper training of everyone on the job site can help reduce the potential of all types of electrical accidents. Working on a construction site requires that you always have to be aware of the location of power lines. When you are injured due to electrocution while working, you have the right to collect Workers’ Compensation. In addition, depending on the circumstances, you may also be able to pursue a claim under the liability insurance policy of the property owner of the work site, general contractor or one of the other contractors on the premise  to obtain compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation bills, as well as for your physical and emotional pain and suffering. Contacting an attorney who is familiar with construction site accidents immediately after an injury occurs is extremely important as this is the only way you can ensure you will obtain the maximum possible compensation for your injuries.

For those who have lost a family member due to an electrocution accident at a construction site, contacting an attorney is a must. While there is no amount of money that can compensate for your loss, you are still entitled to pursue a claim on behalf of your loved one. Such compensation  can help ensure that those left behind  can maintain their  lifestyle and pay their bills  after such a loss.  Pursuing a claim, or filing a lawsuit, is also the way in which the negligent party is held responsible for their negligence and, hopefully, will prevent other people from being injured or killed in the same way. Contact a construction accident attorney who understands the laws as they apply to construction site electrocutions.