Distracted Driving: A Bad Habit Increasingly Affecting Pennsylvanians

Driving in the Keystone State can be dangerous when distracted drivers are on the road.  Smart phones are a common cause of this distractedness, with people constantly being bombarded with calls, texts, and social media status updates.  Some are unable to resist the urge to respond to every communication as soon as possible – a temptation that can prove extremely dangerous when behind the wheel.  Whether in major metropolitan areas like Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, or in rural areas, distracted driving poses a risk to the distracted driver, as well as other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.  If you have been in accident in which this irresponsible behavior has played a part, you may have a legal claim to recover compensation for damages you have suffered.  Contacting a skilled and experienced Pennsylvania auto accident attorney is the first step in making your claim.

It is Illegal in Pennsylvania to Text or Email While Driving

Pennsylvania has laws regarding using cell phones while driving.  While it is legal to make phone calls while driving, Pennsylvania encourages drivers to use a hands-free device, pull off the road whenever possible, and refrain from emotionally heated conversations while on the road.  Using one’s cell phone while driving to send or receive text messages, emails, or messages of any kind, on the other hand, is illegal.  If you are caught engaging in any of these forms of behavior while driving, you will be fined $50 by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  Furthermore, in the car accident context, evidence of driving while engaging in any of the prohibited, distracted behaviors may be used to establish liability for the accident.  This goes to establishing negligence.  Negligence is a legal concept arising out of the duty of care one owes to other human beings.  When behind the wheel, a driver owes a duty to all other drivers to drive safely, and in accordance with all state driving rules and regulations.  Unsafe driving that causes an accident and is the result of being distracted by texting, emailing, and other uses of cell phones that are prohibited while driving, is a breach of this duty.

What To Do If You Been Involved In An Auto Accident Involving Distracted Driving

Did you see the driver of an oncoming or adjacent vehicle looking down at his or her phone in the moments before an accident?  Were you in a collision in which you suspect a driver was text messaging while driving?  You may have a legal claim to recover damages, and the first step in exploring that claim is contacting a dedicated and experienced Pennsylvania auto accident attorney today.  Besides damage to your vehicle requiring repair or replacement, compensation can also be ordered to address any personal injuries you may have suffered, including medical expenses, long-term disability or disfigurement, emotional distress, and lost wages.  Additionally, if the driver at fault was extremely reckless in causing the accident, non-compensatory damages such as punitive damages may be awarded as both additional compensation to the victim, and as a punishment and deterrent to the distracted driver.  Please contact the dedicated attorneys at Solnick & Associates, LLC today.  Phone (215) 481-9979 for English, or (215) 512-0039 for Spanish.