Dangers of the Construction Industry

7256945460_bde2ff37b5Pottsgrove, our neighbor to the northwest, has seen an increase in motor vehicle accidents on its roadways in recent years, prompting new, much-needed construction projects. With improvements, however, come dangers for participants in the projects. Construction zones create dangers for drivers and the construction workers themselves that are working on or near traffic on the roadway.

Consider an Ohio demolition project that recently received national attention when one construction worker died and another suffered injuries when an overpass collapsed. While this was a complete tragedy, the situation could have been significantly worse. The road reportedly carries nearly 180,000 vehicles per day and had the accident been during the day, passersby may have been injured in addition to the construction workers.

Many onlookers may erroneously attribute these accidents to miscommunication, negligence, or malfunction. Sometimes accidents are simply accidents. The construction company responsible for the overpass project in Ohio, for example, had reportedly been inspected more than 55 times since 2003 and boasted less than ten violations from then until now, “a good track record for any company,” a spokesperson said. This information may also be a bit unnerving, representing the fact that you can do everything right and still suffer tragedy.

Construction Accidents: National and Local Concerns

The United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics issued a news release reporting 796 fatal work injuries in the private-sector construction industry, the highest of any other single industry sector. In Pennsylvania, specifically, adverse weather conditions, passersby speeding in construction zones and striking construction workers and trucking accidents may account for many of the serious and often fatal accidents. Pennsylvania lawmakers have responded by doubling the fines for those caught speeding in construction zones. The new construction in Pottsgrove was also prompted by the influx of reported accidents in this area, attributed to dips and holes in the roadway, in addition to vaguely painted roadway lane division lines.

Greater-Philadelphia Area Construction Accident Attorneys

There are a number of things that can go wrong on a construction site. From slips and falls, scaffolding accidents, industrial vehicle accidents, to malfunctioning machinery or tools, construction is a lucrative but often dangerous job. At Solnick & Associates, LLC, our knowledgeable construction accident attorneys have the experience necessary to evaluate the circumstances of your situation and determine the best cause of action. If you were on the clock at the time, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits; if the owners of the property failed to advise you of dangerous conditions on the premises, you may have a premises liability claim. Regardless of the unique circumstances leading up to your accident or injury, we will take the course of action that ensures you receive the compensation that you are entitled to under federal and Pennsylvania law. We will work with property owners, insurance companies, and other attorneys to make sure you are compensated for your losses, whether it be missed time from work, medical expenses, or pain and suffering. If you or anyone you know has been injured at a construction job or at any type of job, contact our Jenkintown office to learn more about your legal rights today.

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