Construction Site Injury Is Usually Preventable

One of the primary sources of construction injuries is from crane collapses or crane malfunctions. As with most construction equipment that leads to accidents, cranes are heavy machinery capable of doing serious damage.

According to a study conducted by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), most crane accidents involving a collapse happen when the crane boom breaks or malfunctions. The malfunction typically occurs after assembly or disassembly.

Crane injuries and other construction injuries can usually be prevented. Improper employee training or employees disregarding the training often leads to ignorance on how to operate machinery. As a result, construction injuries often occur.

Fortunately, increased safety standards have reduced the number of crane accidents that occur annually. However, when they do occur, they usually inflict serious danger. In order to avoid crane injuries, employers should make sure there are pre-operation machinery checks. An inspector should check the machine for mechanical problems. It is also important to perform consistent scheduled maintenance on the equipment according to OSHA guidelines. Maintenance should be scheduled to check for cracks, worn materials, and wear and tear.

The employer should also ensure that danger zones are properly marked. Anyone within the danger zone is at risk of being injured. Marking the zone will ensure that everyone is aware of the zone and will have the proper attire and preparation before they enter the zone. All operators should be properly trained and well-rested. Operating heavy machinery like cranes is not easy or safe to do when the operator is tired or sleepy.

If you were injured in a construction accident, you should contact an attorney experienced in litigating such cases. Construction accident cases can often be complex, because there are usually several potential defendants, and several potential causes. An attorney can investigate the case and determine if one of the aforementioned failures above caused the accident, or if there was some other cause. In this way, the attorney can ensure the appropriate party is sued.