Compensation for Fire Injury Victims


The attorneys at Solnick & Associates realize victims of burn injuries are often left with severe physical and psychological scars, overwhelming medical bills, and lost wages. House fires and explosions can destroy personal property, and kill innocent victims.

South Philadelphia Gas Explosion Injures Three People

Two Philadelphia Gas Works employees and one resident were injured in a suspected gas explosion in South Philadelphia, as reported by Action News. The workers were in the basement of a row home when the explosion occurred. According to fire officials a furnace malfunctioned. The force of the explosion knocked down bookcases and other items in nearby homes. After the explosion, a fire spread to two adjacent homes. As a result, three families were displaced, while the three victims were taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Sources of Compensation for Burn Injuries

What types of compensation are available to someone who is injured in a fire or explosion? There are many types of burn injury lawsuits. For example, a plaintiff can bring a product liability suit against manufacturers and retailers for placing defective products in the market; a negligence suit against the builders of the home; or a workers’ compensation claim against their employer for construction accidents. Burn injuries can result from automobile accidents, as well. Upon gathering all the relevant evidence, reviewing medical records and conducting inspections, the available valid claims of damages will be assessed.

Pennsylvania law allows victims to recover economic damages due to burn injuries, which includes medical expenses and lost wages. Compensation for medical expenses can include future expenses, such as medication and rehabilitation. If your injuries prove that you are unable to work again, damages for diminished earning may be available.

Burn injuries can cause lifelong pain and disfiguring scars. Courts will award non-economic damages to victims for pain and suffering to compensate a burn injury victim for the physical pain and mental anguish that was caused by the accident.

For cases in which the wrongdoer acted willfully or maliciously, punitive damages may be awarded. Punitive damages serve the purpose of punishment to discourage the wrongdoer from engaging in similar behavior again.

Like the South Philadelphia explosion, a person’s home and personal property can also be damaged. In those cases, Pennsylvania Department Insurance requires certain insurance coverage that will cover property and liability coverage. Generally, these policies will not only cover property, but medical bills and lost wages for non-resident fire injury victims. Obtaining payment from insurance companies can be quite difficult and complicated, and it is advised to seek legal representation to advocate for your rights.

Burn Injuries Sustained At Work

Two of the three victims from the Philadelphia explosion were on the job. Each year thousands of workers suffer burns from hazardous work environments. When an employee suffers a burn injury while at work, they may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. The most frequent causes of workplace burns include heat, electricity and chemical burns.

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