Claims for Semi-Truck Accidents are Different

travelling semi-truckTruck accident victims often have some of the same questions. One of those questions is: Are claims for semi-truck accidents the same as vehicle collision claims? If the process is not the same, what makes them different? Here, we will explain why semi-truck accident claims are different and why you may want to find an excellent truck accident attorney to help you with your claim.

The Size and Weight of the Semi-Truck and the Extent of Injuries

One of the main reasons that semi-truck accident claims are different than car accident claims has to do with the sheer size and weight of semi-trucks. Because semi-trucks are so much bigger and heavier than regular passenger vehicles, the injuries that come out of these types of accidents are typically significantly greater than those incurred in a passenger vehicle accident. If you are thinking about getting a lawyer to help with your claim, you are going to want to find someone with experience with the types of injuries that arise from semi-truck accidents.

Federal and State Regulations

Semi-trucks, the companies that own them, and the drivers who operate them are all held to specific federal and state regulations. Most truck accident victims are not aware of all of the different federal and state regulations. Therefore, they cannot fight on their own behalf to ensure that any federal or state regulations that were violated during their accident are taken into consideration for their claims, nor can they ensure that those violations are not swept under a rug to lower the value of their claims by the defense.

How Many Entities are Involved?

Another reason semi-truck accident claims are different is because of the number of entities that may be involved in the claim. You may even have to file more than one claim if more than one company is responsible for different parts of the truck. For example, the tractor might be owned and insured by one entity, while the trailer might be owned and insured by another company. It is vital to know who all the potential responsible parties are to ensure that they are all held accountable.

The Black Box

There are monitoring systems, which are also called electronic data recorders, electronic log systems, and electronic control module systems, installed in commercial trucks. These monitoring systems are also referred to as the “black box.” The information inside of that black box includes a plethora of data, such as vehicle maintenance issues, truck driver performance, and some can even provide e-mail exchanges between the driver and company. The information downloaded from the black box in the semi-truck that you were in an accident with might be able to increase the value of your claim, depending on what is revealed.

Truck accidents are much more complicated than passenger vehicle collisions that occur, as you can see. If you have been injured in an accident with a semi-truck, you should contact an experienced Pennsylvania truck accident attorney who can get the black box data downloaded as soon as possible after your accident and pursue all of the entities that are potentially responsible for your injuries. Contact the law office of Solnick & Associates, LLC today for a free consultation.

(image courtesy of Mrigendra Chauhan)