When a Loved One’s Death Is Due To a Work Injury

Although many personal injuries that result in death can be addressed by bringing a wrongful death claim, if a work injury is to blame, it is typically handled through a workers’ compensation claim. When employers obtain workers’ compensation insurance, they are effectively immune from liability. Although intended to make the employee “whole again” through any […]

Chevron Pays Nearly $1 Million Fine in Fatal Pennsylvania Explosion

This month, the Chevron Corporation paid approximately $940,000 in fines for a fatal explosion that took place at a Pennsylvania gas well last year. Officials reported that this marks the state’s largest fine for a single incident. Last February, Chevron contractor employee Ian McKee died in the explosion after natural gas escaped from a new […]

Wrongful Death and the Sovereign Immunity Act

On March 12, in the wrongful death suit in the case of J Ebersole, Administrator of the Estate of S.J. Ebersole, Deceased v. SEPTA, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania decided that the Sovereign Immunity Act prevents an agency like the Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) from being liable for non-pecuniary damages (damages that are related […]

Wrongful Death Cases in Pennsylvania

Any death is difficult on surviving families and loved ones. A “wrongful death” occurs when the death was caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another person or entity. Negligence essentially means a person/entity had an obligation to do or not do something and they failed to act in accordance with that obligation. These […]