Street Racing in Philadelphia – A Dangerous Pastime

Police in Los Angeles believe that Popular Culture and Social Media are fueling the rise in illegal street racing, which we’re also seeing here in Philadelphia. In fact, several Philadelphia residents recently died in a street racing crash, which is why we believe it’s important to raise awareness around it’s dangers. March 27, 2016 – Driver […]

Wrongful Death Suit Filed After Celebrity’s Death

On September 28th, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against Porsche regarding the death of Paul Walker. Walker was killed in a car crash two years ago in California when the driver lost control of the car (a Porsche Carrera GT) and it swerved, hitting a tree, killing both the driver and Walker (the passenger). […]

Collapsed Bridge in Pennsylvania Reveals Workers Comp Challenges

On June 18, part of a 103-year-old bridge being rebuilt in Pennsylvania collapsed, injuring three workers—one in an excavator and two walking along the bridge. Paul Roman, president of Francis J. Palo Inc., the contractor on the project, said that the injured did not work for the company, but were rather employees of a subcontractor. […]