Do You Have To Return To Work If Your Employer Offers You Less Money?

When employees are injured on the job, employers are often forced to compensate them for their injuries since they occurred while the employee was working for the benefit of the employer. Once this occurs, many employers will offer to bring the employee back at a different position, with varied duties and lesser pay. The offer […]

Worker’s Compensation Payments

Worker’s compensation checks should be treated just like regular paychecks. Your worker’s compensation insurance company should give you a worker’s compensation paycheck with the same regularity that it would if you were uninjured and working at the company everyday. If you were previously paid bi-weekly by your employer then your worker’s compensation payments should be […]

120-Day Notice of Injury Rule in Worker’s Comp Cases

After family and friends, a person’s work is usually the most important thing in his or her life. People work to make a living and maintain a certain lifestyle. Most employees work at the job site several days each week, several hours each day. As such, the workplace should be somewhere employees feel safe. Unfortunately, […]

Workers Comp Employees Cannot Refuse Reasonable Medical Treatment

Last year, In Bereznicki v Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Eat ‘N Park Hospitality Group), the court answered the question whether an employer can suspend an employee’s worker’s compensation rights when the employee refuses a medical program even if the program will not help the employee return to work. Stephanie Bereznicki had been receiving medical benefits […]