How Do I Know I Won’t Be Fired For Filing A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act is to provide protection for people who have been injured in association with their employment. The law governs insurance requirements for employers, who must cover you as soon as you begin employment, and prohibits any employer from harassing or firing you in retaliation for filing a claim. […]

Continuous Snow Emergencies – What Does this Mean for Worker Commuter Accident?

With another snowstorm plaguing the Northeast area, parents and employees are faced with the choice of whether to try to commute to work, or stay home.  While most companies want to keep their employees safe, it is a fine line between worker safety and necessity for some companies. Managers are then faced, for example, with […]

Workers’ Compensation: A Fine Line Between Business and Pleasure

The Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court recently addressed yet another controversial issue regarding a former employee’s workers’ compensation rights. Blurring the lines between work and pleasure is a constant struggle in determining the validity and soundness of workers’ compensation claims. The standard is that the circumstances surrounding the incident leading to the accident or injury must be […]

“Normal Working Conditions” and Workers’ Compensation Cases

Some jobs are more dangerous than others and some injuries are also more severe than others. While there may be a marked difference between needing some stitches and losing a limb, emotional trauma has caused workers’ compensation regimes throughout the country to take pause in evaluating workers’ compensation awards from those experiencing emotional trauma, particularly […]