Five Common Reasons for Being Denied Workers’ Compensation

5 Reasons Workers’ Compensation Requests are Denied An injury that occurs on the job and keeps you from returning to work can be devastating. Some work environments, such as construction sites, are inherently dangerous and give rise to particularly bad injuries. Beyond dealing with the injury, trying to obtain workers’ compensation—particularly if your employer is […]

Pennsylvania Work-Related Injuries were 100,330 in 2013

During 2013, there were 110,300 cases of work-related injuries or illnesses across Pennsylvania. Construction workers suffered nearly 8,000 of those accidents, including strains and sprains. For most workers, construction injuries were more likely to impact their upper bodies versus any other area. The average age of injured workers was nearly 42, which can mean, in […]

Earning Social Security “Credits”

Many people are worried about what will happen if they are suddenly not well enough to work. While there are many questions out there concerning disability benefits, one of the most confusing areas is how to earn the actual benefits, which are measured in terms of Social Security “credits.” While there is an intricate system […]