Dealing with Employment Discrimination after a Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries are not uncommon. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the overall incidence rate of nonfatal occupational injury and illness cases was 109.4 cases per 10,000 full-time workers in 2013 alone. What happens when people are injured at work and try to get back into their everyday work routine? Workplace discrimination can […]

If You Are Hit By An Uninsured Driver…

Philadelphia ranks in the top ten most expensive cities for purchasing car insurance. Sadly, drivers cannot always control for the factors that go into calculating their insurance premiums, factors such as crime rates, traffic, accident rates, weather conditions, etc. In addition, there are a number of uninsured drivers on the road with whom you could collide […]

Victims of Hit-and-Run Accidents

We read about victims of hit-and-run accidents in the news all too frequently. Often times, investigators have a difficult time looking for the striking vehicle and person responsible for the accident and injures. This can make it difficult for the victim’s family to have closure on the accident and handle all of the many medical […]

Who is Liable for Mass Car Accidents?

With all the inclement weather we have been having, it is no surprise that there will be more auto accidents, and a good percentage will be multiple-car collisions.  During the start of the snowy season this past January, Philadelphia saw its own 50-car collision on Interstate 76.  This massive accident was caused by flash freezing […]