Federal Safety Rules under Scrutiny after Horrific Fatal Accident Involving a Semi Truck

Even when there are federal and state standards in place to regulate transportation safety, sometimes these regulations are either ignored, enforcement is lax, or enforcement is delayed. This has proven the case recently in the federal regulation of commercial driver safety, and as a result, fatal collisions have occurred. According to a recent story, a […]

Truck Accidents Caused By Mechanical Failure

Approximately 4,000 people are killed nationally in commercial trucking accidents that are the result of intoxication, sleepy truckers, or distracted drivers. However, in some cases, mechanical failure can be the underlying cause. Common Mechanical Failures Trucking accidents are commonly caused by mechanical failures. Crash Forensics notes that the most common examples of maintenance deficiencies are […]

Proposed Pilot Program to Evaluate Feasibility of Hair Drug Tests for Truck Drivers

A new bill proposes the establishment of a pilot program to evaluate the use of hair from commercial truck drivers for drug tests.  The bill, HR 6641 has been introduced by Rep. Reid Ribble, Republican-Wisconsin. His bill proposes that the United States Department of Transportation conduct a pilot program to evaluate whether hair can be […]

Truck Accidents In Pennsylvania

6ABC.com provides Pennsylvania accident news, and sadly, truck accidents happen all the time in PA.  They not only make it inconvenient for commuters trying to get to work or school by congesting up traffic, but disrupt lives with serious physical injuries, property damage, and emotional stress. Truck accidents are a category of personal injuries that […]