Premises Liability: Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Generally, premises liability extends to slip and falls that occur while one is on their rental property. But, of course this comes with exceptions. On this blog we previously discussed the legal responsibility property owners hold regarding slip and falls. When someone slips and falls on the property of another, the general rule is the […]

Slips and Falls in Pennsylvania

When a person enters the property of another, including a business, there is a certain level of safety owed to the entrants. And, fortunately, the law requires homeowners and business owners to keep their property safe. Injuries suffered when a person falls on someone’s property are governed by slip and fall law. Slip and fall […]

Winter Slip-and-Fall Injuries: Who is Liable?

This winter has been an unusual one for the entire state of Pennsylvania. Unusually low temperatures, combined with above average snowfall, have created hazardous conditions on sidewalks throughout the state. Serious slip-and-fall injuries can occur if sidewalks and walkways are not cleared of snow and ice. But whose responsibility is it to ensure that sidewalks […]

Tips for Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall victims will likely have a premises liability case on their hand that can end up in litigation against the owner of the premises. As the plaintiff in the case, you will be asked to provide a deposition. A deposition is out of court statements about the facts related to a lawsuit. During […]

Slip and Falls Are No Small Matter

Slip and fall cases are often thought of as small incidents. However, slip and falls can often result in major, severe injuries. Slip and fall accidents can have severe consequences. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), falls are the number one cause of injury in senior citizens over the age of 65. Further, around […]