Security and Premises Liability

When people think about accidents on business properties, they usually think of slip and fall incidents at hotels, grocery stores, on icy sidewalks, etc. Many do not realize that the concept of “premises liability”—or responsibility for maintaining a safe environment on your property—applies to many other contexts, including security issues on property, when the owner […]

Dunkin Donuts Pays Over Half a Million in Personal Injury Settlement

Recently, a New Jersey woman won over $500,000 in settling her case against the local Dunkin Donuts. She had sustained serious injuries after tripping over a spike in the parking lot three years ago; specifically, she was carrying very hot coffee when she tripped over a metal rebar spike from a dislodged curb, getting severely […]

When a Loved One’s Death Is Due To a Work Injury

Although many personal injuries that result in death can be addressed by bringing a wrongful death claim, if a work injury is to blame, it is typically handled through a workers’ compensation claim. When employers obtain workers’ compensation insurance, they are effectively immune from liability. Although intended to make the employee “whole again” through any […]