Why hire an attorney after scaffolding accidents

Many construction sites depend on scaffolding instead of ladders to allow workers to reach high areas. The scaffolding may be constructed by other members of the construction team or may be contracted out to a third-party. Scaffolding accidents can occur for a number of reasons including: Improperly installed scaffolding Improper operation of scaffolding Defective scaffolding […]

Electrocution While on the Construction Site

Few of us ever think about electrocution as a threat. However, people who work at construction sites are often subjected to the threat of potential electrocution from any number of sources including faulty electrical wiring, unprotected wiring or faulty equipment. Electrical hazards are numerous While electrocution is not as common as other construction site accidents, […]

OSHA Inspections Expose Multiple Workplace Hazards at Construction Sites

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Philadelphia Region office recently conducted a series of no-notice inspections of construction sites across the state. As a result of this initiative, 243 citations were issued, and the agency assessed more than $650,000 in penalties and fines. The initiative was called the Construction Incident Prevention Initiative, and the campaign […]

Falls Remain Biggest Workplace Safety Hazard

In 2012, fall protection was the most frequently cited violation in the United States with more than 7,250 citations.  In fact, fall protection frequently features as one of the top 3 most frequently cited violations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  Last year, fall protection was the 2nd most frequently cited violation. Following fall […]