Staying Safe on the Roads This Holiday Season

The holidays are here! That means everyone’s favorite things: eating, traveling, shopping, visiting family, and keeping up with all of your other traditions. However, all of these things mean more time on the road for most Americans. In fact, AAA estimates that there are around 50,000,000 drivers in the United States who will travel at […]

How to Keep Your Teen Safe in Their First Year of Driving

Driving. It’s something that almost every single teenager in the United States looks forward to when they turn 16. It brings freedom, responsibility, freedom, and more freedom. For parents? It’s both a blessing and a nightmare. Although you may not have to drive your teenager every single place that they go anymore, you also have […]

What to Do if a Rideshare Company Causes an Injury

As we move through the 21st century, convenience is something that continues to grow in importance. Rideshare services like Lyft and Uber have simplified people’s lives significantly, and this will continue as automation becomes more prevalent. However, these services aren’t perfect. Although the rideshare industry has revolutionized the way that people get around, there are […]