School Bus Safety: How a Recent Multi-Vehicle Bus Accident Highlights the Danger of School Buses

School Bus Safety: How A Recent Multi-Vehicle Bus Accident Highlights the Danger of School Buses

Over the past year, there have been multiple serious accidents involving school buses in the greater Philadelphia area.  In early August 2018, a multi-vehicle crash involving a school bus took place on Roosevelt Boulevard in the Somerton section of Philadelphia.  A week later, a school bus overturned on the New Jersey Turnpike near East Brunswick. […]

Is the Commercial Driver Shortage Creating Danger on our Roads?

While the commercial driver shortage in the U.S. is good news for prospective truck and bus drivers looking for work, it may be bad news for the rest of us traveling on America’s roads. According to, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) Economic Analyst, Rod Suarez said, “During the last recession, beginning in 2008, the driver […]

Do I Have a Claim Against SEPTA?

SEPTA (which stands for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) is a state agency in the state of Pennsylvania dealing with all claims against forms of mass transit such as bus, train, trolley (including trackless trolley), subway and others. Anyone who has been injured, or the family members of those who have been killed, in accidents involving […]

Pedestrian-Related Crashes in Pennsylvania’s Busiest Cities

Drivers have an obligation to look out for and avoid hitting pedestrians; but each year, many pedestrians are still seriously injured or killed by drivers. In fact, pedestrian crashes alone cause a significant amount of deaths throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Furthermore, many would be surprised to find out that many of the crashes and […]