Car Accidents: The Case of the Rollover

Automobile accident cases can be particularly difficult. Rollover cases in particular can create some of the most devastating injuries.

Rollovers tend to occur with SUV and large vehicles. The vehicles have a greater tendency to tip over due to their high center of gravity. While SUV ads generally promote the vehicles as rugged, sturdy and safe, quick, sharp turns can make the vehicle flip over. While the SUV manufacturers will try to point to driver’s negligence, that is not always the case.

Like most automobile accident cases, the cause of the accident can be a variety of things. There could be a defective highway design or the dangerous design of an automobile. Further, roofs are usually not made strong enough to withstand a rollover, and they typically collapse.

Because there are a variety of potential causes, there may be a variety of potential defendants. Victims in rollover cases or their families may be able to file lawsuits against other drivers or against the manufacturer of their vehicle. Automobile accidents may also involve defendants such as state and local governments, or the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. In a case like this, it is imperative to name the appropriate defendants in any legal actions. Failure to do so could prejudice your case.

Moreover, the issues in personal injury cases like these are often complex. As a result, accident victims should seek a qualified and experienced attorney who can help navigate through the legal process and protect your rights. An attorney who has taken these types of cases before will be able to do much of the legal work for you, leaving you and your family the chance to heal, prepare for life after the accident, and await the verdict.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident, contact a qualified attorney immediately. An attorney can help investigate your case, gather the necessary facts, and win an appropriate settlement for you. No amount of money can make up for the damage that a serious accident does to the victim and the family, but the negligent party should be held liable.