Bus Safety Records Now Available on IPhone App

Passengers buying a bus ticket can now determine the safety record of the company, through a touch on a screen pad.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has announced that its new bus safety app is now available for download from the agency’s website.  You can also download the app called Safer Bus from any Apple store.

The app allows passengers to access the records of more than 6,500 motor coach carriers across the United States.  What’s more, these records can be easily accessed on your iPhone or iPad.  The app allows passengers to have a look at a company’s safety record before they buy a bus ticket.

Very often, Philadelphia bus accident lawyers find that people travel on a bus without knowing much about the carrier.  The carrier may have been cited for violations that include everything from hiring tired and medically unfit drivers, to operating malfunctioning buses.  However, passengers earlier had few convenient options to know more about a motor coach company’s safety record.

The app allows passengers to download such information, and make comparisons based on the data available.  The app will not compare motor carriers for you because the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is not allowed to recommend one motor coach carrier over another.  The app will also allow you to file a complaint about a particular carrier.

Philadelphia bus accident lawyers would have been more impressed if the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had made the app more user-friendly, making it easier for passengers to sift through the amount of information that is available.  However, this app is a good start to empowering passengers, and making information available at their fingertips.  Other federal agencies like the Consumer Safety Commission have also taken steps to facilitate more consumer interactions with federal agencies.