What is Pain and Suffering?

When someone suffers a personal injury from the negligence of another, the victim has the right to recover monetary damages. One category of damages is pain and suffering. Pain and suffering is the physical and mental distress suffered from an injury, including actual broken bones and tears. The term also encompasses the aches, pain, limitations […]

Workers Comp Employees Cannot Refuse Reasonable Medical Treatment

Last year, In Bereznicki v Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Eat ‘N Park Hospitality Group), the court answered the question whether an employer can suspend an employee’s worker’s compensation rights when the employee refuses a medical program even if the program will not help the employee return to work. Stephanie Bereznicki had been receiving medical benefits […]

Products Liability: Automobile Defect Cases

Thousands of car accidents occur each day. While many are caused by driver error, many are due to the fault of the manufacturer. When a car itself is defective a products liability action may lie. The car or its parts may have a defective design, manufacturing defect or marketing error. The victims can seek to […]

SEPTA Creates Campaign to Stop Fraudulent Injury Claims

Along with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, SEPTA has launched a campaign to put a stop to fraudulent injury claims by keeping a closer eye on defrauders. The campaign focuses on the growing role surveillance video plays in exposing defrauders. SEPTA detailed several instances where surveillance cameras on buses thwarted unwarranted injury claims. The fraudsters […]