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What should I do if I’ve been requested for a worker’s comp IME?

Generally, when you have a workers’ compensation case, your treating doctor will make most—if not all—of the decisions about your health, your treatment, temporary or permanent disability, and your ability to work. If, however, your employer’s insurance company disputes any of this, you may be asked to go through an independent medical exam (IME). An […]

Truck Accident

Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

As one of the country’s largest retailers, Amazon has moved away from shipping most items they sell through standard shipping services like FexEx, UPS, or even the US Postal Service. Most deliveries of Amazon merchandise are carried out now by independent contractors all over the country. These contractors are sometimes small shipping or trucking companies […]

Car accidents with a learner’s permit

Car Accidents with a Learner’s Permit

According to state statistics for 2018, there were more than 80,500 teenage drivers on the roads in Pennsylvania. The most recent national crash statistics (2017) indicate that teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are more likely to be involved in serious auto accidents than any other age group. In fact, the youngest […]

Pennsylvania Teen Driving Laws

Pennsylvania Teen Driving Laws

Teen driving laws in Pennsylvania are designed to move new drivers through three specific stages over 18 months. Beginning at age 16, teens can acquire a learner’s permit. Eventually, after completing specific milestones set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, they can obtain a full, unrestricted driver’s license as soon as age 17 ½. […]

Pennsylvania Parking Lot Accidents

Pennsylvania Parking Lot Accidents

People often wonder what happens and who is responsible when they suffer an accident in a parking lot or garage. If you’ve been injured as the result of an accident in a parking lot in Pennsylvania, you may be entitled to recover compensation from the responsible party. Determining who is legally at fault (if anyone) […]