How Optical Illusions May Trick Montgomery County Drivers Into Slowing Down

Speed-related accidents are a leading cause of injuries and fatalities around the world. While the United States has taken the usual approaches to slowing down drivers, such as more police enforcement, other countries have gotten creative with optical illusions. Take Iceland, for example. In 2017, a small town painted special stripes on its roads that […]

How Snowy Conditions Can Lead to Slip and Fall Injuries — When Philadelphia Property Owners May Be Responsible for Your Injuries

It is the bane of every Philadelphians’ existence: navigating icy, snowy and slushy sidewalks throughout the city each winter.  Not only is it messy and slow-going, but it raises the risk of falling each time that you step outside. Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries. In many cases, the homeowner may be […]

Truck-Bike Collisions Inspire Calls for Bike Lane Protections

In late November, tragedy struck in Philadelphia, as 24-year-old Emily Fredricks was struck and killed while riding in a bike lane on 11th Street in Center City Philadelphia.  Less than three weeks later, another 24-year-old woman was struck by a garbage truck in downtown Philadelphia.  Becca Refford was riding in the bike lane on Pine […]