How to Get Home Without Driving Drunk

How to Get Home without Driving Drunk

There is no excuse for drinking and driving. Yet many of us have been in a situation of having a few drinks when we didn’t plan on it, forcing us to decide whether to chance driving under the influence. The best decision is to never risk drunk driving. Even after just one or two drinks, […]

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Protection- How PIP Works

Pennsylvania Personal Injury Protection: How PIP Works

If you have purchased car insurance in Pennsylvania, you have likely been asked to confirm coverage levels for a number of different types of coverage — including personal injury protection, or PIP. In Pennsylvania, all drivers are required to have PIP coverage. Personal Injury Protection coverage is considered a first party benefit. This means that […]

Winter Playground Injuries and Safety

Winter Playground Injuries and Safety

In Philadelphia, winter often means the end of hours of outdoor recreation. Yet many schools and parents alike have decided that a little cold weather won’t deter them. Kids across the Philadelphia region are fortunate to have year-round recess, bundling up to play outside in all types of weather. The winter does present some unique […]