Alarming Number of School Buses Fail Inspection


It’s that time of year again – back to school! Parents are catching numerous sales as they prepare to send their kids back to school with the essential school supplies. Morning traffic will be more congested with school buses dropping children off at school. And, Pennsylvania State Police are currently making sure the ride back is a safe one. An alarming study finds that many school buses are not safe for traveling.

Thousands of student in the Tri-State area will get on a school bus to take them to school. But, how safe are these school buses? ABC news reports that during the last week of August, State Troopers have been inspecting the buses for safety. Shockingly, 49 percent of the school buses failed during the first round. Over 680 buses had problems and were ordered to be fixed. Only 3 of the vehicles passes during re-inspection.

Recently, a Montgomery County school caught on fire at 10:40 am in Lower Gwynedd. Fire crews arrived to find the bus on fire and were able to successfully extinguish the fire. Fortunately, no students were on the bus at the time and there were no injuries. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

School Bus Safety Reminders

For Kids

  • Give yourself enough time to arrive to the bus stop early; this way you do not have to rush and run across the road to catch the bus.
  • When crossing the street in front of a bus, be sure you are at least 10 feet in front of the bus so that the bus driver can see you.
  • Always be alert! Be aware of your surroundings, and do not walk or run aimlessly and recklessly through the street.
  • Do not attempt to the board the bus until the flashing warning lights are displayed and all traffic has come to a halt.
  • While on the bus, sit in your seat. Wear your seatbelt, if available. Never stand, run or stick your hand, head or arms out of the bus windows.
  • Never play with the emergency exit door!

For Drivers

  • When a school bus displays flashing red warning lights while on a two-lane street, drivers must stop. This includes motorists driving on the opposite side of street approaching the bus.
  • Do not tailgate.
  • Do not pass a stopped bus with flashing warning lights until the signals have been turned off.
  • It is illegal to pass a bus on the right side.

It is vital that motorists take precautions for school bus safety. Statistics show that the number of school bus fatalities has decreased in the recent years. Motorists should strictly follow school bus laws. School children can be some of the most unpredictable and most difficult to see creatures on earth. And, young children are familiar and comfortable with the school bus surroundings, making them more susceptible to take risks, ignore hazards or fail to look both ways when crossing the street. Always be alert!

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Photo Credit: drp via Compfight cc