A Common Danger: Texting While Driving

According to The Casey Feldman Foundation and EndDD , commissioners in Montgomery County, PA passed a resolution declaring Distracted Driving Awareness Week as April 9-15. This was great news to advocates who made changing the way people drive in Pennsylvania a priority.  Around the same time, the state of Pennsylvania made texting illegal.

Auto accidents are the leading cause of United States teen deaths, with one in three teenager deaths on the roads. According to Centers for Disease Control, drivers aged 15-24 make up $26 billion in car, truck, and other vehicle injuries, though just about 14% of drivers are aged 15-24.

According to a Consumer Reports study on mobile device use for drivers under age 30, that came out in 2011:

  • 63% used a handheld mobile phone while driving in the last 30 days;
  • 30% texted while driving in the last 30 days;
  • 36% were concerned with distracted driving;
  • 30% believed using a mobile phone while driving was dangerous; and
  • 58% saw a dangerous circumstance because of distracted driving in the past 30 days.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says distracted driving killed about 5,000 and seriously injured around half a million people in 2009. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute discovered texting while driving multiplied the opportunity to have a car accident by age 23.

Today 30 states ban texting while driving. In some states, a driver texting can be pulled over for that reason alone.

Auto accidents occur, to not only make it inconvenient for people by congesting up traffic, but disrupt lives with physical, property, and emotional damage.  Car accidents are a type of personal injuries that may cause financial stress from medical expenses and lost earnings, and pain and suffering.  When an accident happens, there may be several parties responsible for a plaintiff’s injuries:  car owner, driver, car manufacturer.  Each Philadelphia, PA injury lawyer diligently investigates the relationships between the responsible parties to ensure no party avoids liability.

The family of any victim killed by a distracted driver might have to file a wrongful death case against the driver to get some healing from a life-altering event that may never be put into memory. It is difficult to think that, in an instant, distracted driving can cause someone’s life to pass forever.

Contact a personal injury attorney in the Philadelphia, PA area if a distracted driver has injured you, as you may be able to receive compensation for medical bills and other costs.